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Reviving Qixi: Singapore’s Forgotten Seven Sisters Festival


Authors 作者:

Lynn Wong Yuqing | 黄鈺清

Lee Kok Leong | 李国樑

Hardcover | 210 mm x 297 mm | 236 full-colour pages | SGD77

by Renforest Publishing (an imprint of Bridging Generations Pte Ltd)

This is the first comprehensive bilingual book about the Qixi Festival in Singapore. Besides looking into ancient Chinese texts to trace the origins and developments of the festival, it examines the customs brought over by early Chinese women migrants to Singapore since the mid-19th century. This book honours our foremothers, such as the Majies, Samsui women, female factory workers, as well as women in clan associations and individual households, for whom the festival was an important part of their social lives. It also investigates how the festival went from heyday to mayday in Singapore, juxtaposed with the festival’s trajectories in other countries. Drawing from ethnographic research and oral history interviews with diverse stakeholders, it further synthesises views from the community on how the Qixi Festival, once a significant part of our collective heritage, can be revived.

《七夕节:新加坡曾经拥有的神话与现实》是第一本关于新加 坡七夕节的综合性双语书籍。本书通过中国古代文献追溯七夕节的起 源和发展,进一步研究自19世纪中叶以来,早期中国妇女移民带入 新加坡的习俗,以及直到21世纪的本地节日与其他国家节日的发展 轨迹。本书向我们的女性先民致敬,包括妈姐、三水女工、工厂女 工,以及会馆女会员和家庭妇女,对她们来说,节日是社交活动, 也是不可或缺的生活日常。本书综合与不同社区利益相关者的第一 手口述历史访谈内容,探讨如何保留我们丰富的文化遗产与集体记 忆,以及重塑七夕节的渠道。

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One of the things I appreciate in the book is the plurality of meanings about the festival – how it is practiced, how it has evolved and the people who are involved. The book is a great illustration of what it means to “give a future to our past”.

- Dr Natalie Pang, Exco Member of Singapore Heritage Society

It's not just academic research but history brought alive with lots of details, personal stories and importantly too, siting it back into present time.


The book captures a forgotten part of our history and throws the light on the lives and aspirations of the first migrant women who came to Singapore. It begets other questions like, what other traditions and practices have been forgotten. I am grateful for passionate researchers like Lynn and Kok Leong who have given so much of themselves and time to uncover and recover a precious slice of our history.

- Tina Sim, Author of Once Upon A Singapore...Traders


- Sandra, 读者

As featured in

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  • Chin Soo Fang, “Push to revive Qixi Festival, once ‘grander than CNY’”, The Straits Times, 31 July 2022.

  • Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, Lynn Wong as speaker for public talk on “Nian Hua Beyond Chinese New Year: Singapore’s Forgotten Qixi Festival and How Youths Can Help Revive It”, 13 February 2022.

  • UNESCO-ICHCAP 2022 Youth Forum, Lynn Wong as speaker representing Singapore on the topic of "Youth Activists' Efforts to Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage", 22 September 2022.

  • Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, Lee Kok Leong as speaker for public talk on “The Qixi Festival: A Forgotten Love Story (只羡鸳鸯不羡仙——本地从前的七姐诞)”, 4 September 2022.

  • River Hongbao 2022 Special Exhibition “Nian Hua: Changing Times, Unchanging Aspirations”.

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